I posted a topic about this a few weeks ago, asking if such a mod was worthwhile, and DOS2's combat/progression is so plagued with issues that I think it is.
While I appreciate them going for something new, some of the choices they made were questionable at best.
The amount of simplifications made to everything was astounding.
I could easily ramble about my issues with DOS2, but here's the document outlining all of the changes I'm to be making.
I've left the first tab as effectively a really long TL;DR.

I don't expect a release version any time soon, but I figured I'd announce what I'm working on in case anyone else is working on something similar.
Many of the technical things are indeed working ingame, but the vast majority of the work will be the skill overhaul to play nice with the new mechanics, and overhauling all of the encounters to use the new skills/mechanics.

I feel slightly guilty not leaving any picture, so I guess here's one.
[Linked Image]

P.S. Love you Larian.

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