So, minute ago I uninstaled the game, deleted my save files and so on. But acctualy i didnt finishe the hole game i ve only killed all the 5 bosse in the end but didnt kill the Janus\Demon. Because i t was just too boring. I really didnt have moode to finish of all the boses that I ve deefated before, I think it is bad ending,

The beggining was really cool, assasins guilds, wariors, tiefs vampire freelancing an so on, but the wastlands which could be called "RUN SMASH SMASH SMASH AND KILL THE BIG BAD THING" where realy bad.

So near the 5th boss, (not the demon) I decided that this is worthless and very very boring because nothing could kill me, yeah some little damage, and i had to sometimes to drink a potion and restore shields... thats all

I had a warrior who in the last dungeon was like in godmode, Using Spell shield and magic shield spells, i was a bit more invincible,

armor 250
damage about 190 per hit\ reocupation 0

Polymorf is cool - i had a thingi which gave me lvl one of this spell and quite most of bosses can be transformed into rabbit or from... and killed after.

Restoration lvl 5 - very usefull

The hole game I used bed once, just for fun. In last dungeon i had 70 potions from each healing type p, and 50 greater mana.

stealth - also helped when was needed (Orc Train supply quest),

lockpicking 5 - rulezz

Charming - ... nothing special, boring...

So mainly - Start - PERFECT
Continue - PERFECT
Graphics - (for this type of game) PERFECT
Game play - PERFECT