Hi everyone! Thank you for the kind, amazing feedback thus far! I had initially planned on starting playtesting today along with PAX South but unfortunately certain engine limitations weren't solved as early as I had hoped, leaving for a lot of extra work.

Although we're almost there! Episode 1 is a few weeks away at most, playtesting even closer to that. So today is as good day as any to start collecting names for those interested in helping out with playtesting!

So if you're interested in joining in to try and break the game, find bugs and things behaving in funny ways, get on the mailing list here!

Once a version is ready and uploaded, I'll contact those who have signed up by the mail they've entered and provide links to the newest version and an invite link to a discord channel.

Some long term story have been better fleshed out as well, one as far as to the very end of the game (no spoilers, promise!) which I'm personally very hyped about and can't wait to reach. I think you'll be as intrigued as I am.

Thank you all, and look forward to getting into playtesting 😊
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