Development is paused until further notice. I either have to figure out how to revert from the recent DOS2 hotfix, or wait for next engine patch. Why?

This is taken from a clean install on a clean Windows using a VM directly after downloading DOS2, Engine and the necessary files from Steam. Edit Fort Joy terrain in any way, and this happens:

[Linked Image]

After constant debugging since the recent hotfix, I've nearly lost hair (and undeniably lost sleep) over trying to figure out why a lot of things was misbehaving. I've come to a conclusion it's without a doubt the hotfix being the culprit, probably a version desync from data to engine, as it refuses to read / write certain lsf files which is probably again the cause of this.

So I am looking into how to revert DOS2 back to before the recent hotfix, or wait for the next engine patch.

Mod work is on pause until either of those two solutions are in place. Preferably very soon.

Thank you to those who has signed up for playtesting, I really wish to progress further as soon as possible, but I find it too risky to put in any engine work under the current circumstances. The workarounds I have made before this discovery likely won't be as nice once engine/data is back in sync again either.