I currently work on an standalone-class mod, which will feature some new mechanics and hopefully a lot of fun.
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The mod is WIP and is roughly 91% complete. TBD:
- Do proper skill sounds (100% complete)
- Add proper effects for honor and focus skills (100% complete)
- Change tiering rules for certain leadership skills (100% complete)
- Release on steam and maybe nexus
- Finish banter (75% complete)
- Implement periodic party banter (unrelated to skill usage)
- Balance (need input from whoever tries it)

Download latest version

In order to enable the class you need to get a single class-specific skillbook from new vendor available at most marketplaces as well as Lady Vengeance
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This class is about a sourcerer-warrior wielding enomorous two-handed sword with which he shares his soul. His arsenal includes deadly martial art skills, statuses manipulation and party protection
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This class is not a set of extra skills added to a game but instead a standalone class which can be activated and deactivated any moment (out of combat) together with all of its features, which include (but are not limited to):
-New skills
-Class-specific attributes and abilities bonuses and restrictions
-Stance-rotation based combat
-New mechanics: skills tiering
-New mechanics: spirit shield
-New mechanics: share weakness
-New mechanics: oath of honor
-Party banter
-Class-specific visual effects

All skills that come with a class are available only if it is active and are immediately removed if class is disabled. On a bright side they are all added back if class is activated again
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Stance-rotation based combat
Although Blade Master knows many skills only a few of them are available at any given moment of time. His martial art is all about a fluid dance of stances which automatically progress with every skill that he uses. Every stance offers different skills and using these skills will ALWAYS move Blade Master into the next level of the stance or into an ultimate stance if he was already at level 3 stance

There are 3 stance types:
-Offensive stance
-Defensive stance
-Ultimate stance

Both offensive and defensive stances have 3 levels after which Blade Master goes into the ultimate stance. Once one of the ultimate skills is used the stance is removed and Blade Master will have to start a new rotation.
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Key attributes and abilities
Key abilities of the Blade Master are:

Key attributes of the Blade Master are:

A different combination of these will not only make Blade Master stronger but will also change the playstyle dramatically

Two-Handed + Strength - a pure damage dealer. A bit fragile but can do tremendous damage
Two-Handed + Wits - damage dealer focusing on crits. His damage output might not be as steady as with the Strength build but his crits are devastating
Perseverance + Constitution - a pure tank focusing on big pool of health, many protective abilities and protection from negative statuses
Perseverance + Finesses - tankish combination, which focuses on superior dodging
Leadership - offers various playstyles all of which focus either positive or negative statuses manipulation and multiple team-wide bonuses. Blade Masters with high leadership can easily penetrate enemy armor-related resistances and apply statuses that are normally blocked by armor
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Class currently features 37 active and 3 utility skills. Skills are focused on 3 main areas:

-Status manipulation (both positive and negative)
-Protection and tanking

While Blade Master knows all of these skills it will be very hard to be exceptionally good in all of these 3 areas.
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Class-specific attributes and abilities bonuses and restrictions
Blade Master benefits from main abilities and attributes in a way different from other chaarcters. Some give him extra bonuses and some limit him.

All bonuses are applied on top of what attributes or abilities give by default

-Wits: +1% critical damage for every point over 10
-Finesse: +0.5% dodge chance for every point over 10
-Consistution: 0.5% chance to auto-cleanse negative statuses when they are applied to Blade Master for every point over 10
-Perseverance: grants a spirit shield on entering the combat. The higher ability - the stronger the shield
-Leadership: every teammate of Blade Master has 2.5% chance per point in leadership to regain back positive status for 1 turn once it is removed

-Warfare does not give any damage boost to Blade Master
-Strength and Two-Handed provide much smaller damage boost to Blade Master to counter quite high base damage and keep scaling less steep
-Necromancy, polymorphing and summoning schools are restricted for Blade Master because one way or another they interfere with a fragile soul-bonding link between him and his sword
-Blade Matser is not a lone wolf by definition. He is a party-guy constatly chatting with his trusted sword and initimidating enemies
-Obviously Blade Master is restricted to two-handed swords as his weapon
-Many skills are not available for him, especially buffing, healing and mobility ones. In order to achive supremacy Blade Matser fouces on his dedicated martial art and has very small capability of learning skill beyond it
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Skill tiering
Almost every skill Blade Master has scales with his abilities gaining not only raw damage but also (depends on each skill):
-Extra targets
-Extra effects
-Removal of friendly fire

Most of the skills have 7 tiers, starting with tier 1 that requires just 1 point in one of the Blade Master abilities and ending up with tier 7 which is granted on 20 points in ability
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Party banter
Quite often Blade Master, his sword, companions and enemies will comment the skills used by Blade Master. Can be disabled any moment

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