As shown in my thread in the "Projects in Progress" subforum, I wonder what's going wrong with the structure of the Dummy_FX bones.

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Right now trying to create a wieldable torch (shield). But I run into the issue that the effect seams to attach wrong:

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

I already checked
  • the bone assigned in the script,
  • the Dummy_FX_01 position in maya (the other dummy_FX do have more or less same position)
  • and the existance of attachment points of the object

Looks all fine to me, but as you can see, the flame FX Starts from the bottom.
I used the root template of an out-of-the-box standing torch and just changed it's visuals to my created TORCH_SHIELD and another REF_Sword which should have to Dummy_FX_01 on its blade. Weird that at both models the flame FX seems to attach beside and at different heights. I wonder what messed up the position of attachment.
[Linked Image]

Anybody any clue how to solve that?
Also grateful for any ideas how to implement a proper torch. With light source, flame fx. So far the Shield slot seams to me the most reasonable.

Another example:
This is from the original REF_MACE_1H
[Linked Image]

This is my custom Mace i made by using the "" file provided by Larian. I copied everything exactly from the original but just exchanged the mesh. Dummies should be the same.
[Linked Image]

I wonder if my workflow is correct. I used Norbyte's Tool to export a GR2 file to .dae file. then imported it into Maya and used the MLE to export. I have to note there always came some error message when importing the .dae in Maya. Everything else seams to work fine though.
[Linked Image]

Any help. Or hints how you would do the proper workflow to import an original asset from the game into maya, change it, and export it again for being used in the game. Apart from the attachments everything seems to work fine. Only the REF_SHIELD is behaving strange as when used as reference the new object is either wrong when on the ground or weilded.

Thank you for your patience for reading this ... and hopefully giving me any input.

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