This may not be a popular position, but I have to say that after playing with the taunt changes to bypass physical armor, I don't like them very much.

The first reason is because there is now another occasion for me to end up watching combat more than playing it. I already feel like there are too many fights where the number of enemies and allies far outnumber my party and this results in watching the majority of the time rather than playing. It's just not fun watching for long periods of time without providing input. Now that enemy taunts bypass physical armor, I have few preventative measures against losing yet more control over a character. Sure, I can cure it if I happen to have a player with the scroll or skill, but that's a single target resolution against an AoE control effect that can't be resisted.

Enemy taunt now bypasses physical armor and their version is more potent than ours. My taunt simply forces them to attack a particular character but does not enforce what skills they use to do it. When I get taunted, enemies are free to burn through my strongest abilities and consumables with reckless abandon.

Even though our taunt is weaker than enemy taunt, our incarnates lost the ability to taunt.

Maybe I am mistaken on this one, but I'm not sure there is a clear indicator that an enemy has the taunt ability even with max lore. If we could know that an enemy has the capability to taunt, it might be more tactical.


Our taunt bypasses physical armor

Enemy taunt bypasses physical armor
Enemy taunt is a more potent skill
Our incarnates lost taunt

I think this is a net loss for us, which may be fine if that is the intent. What I really don't like is the fact that the enemy gets a skill where I completely lose control of my character without any good preventative counter. It's not simply about the tactical challenge, it's the fun factor of being taken out of the fight and forced to watch.

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