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I do see some typing mistakes, but that's a minor thing at this point.

Yeah there are plenty of them. But that's gonna be a part of post-release fixes

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Maybe make the initial 2 skills (Forward Lash and Provoking Whispers) 1 AP? Not sure myself, but it might help flexibility. Easier reacting to offensive/defensive switch + you still have an AP left in a normal 4AP situation to do smaller things like drinking a potion or moving a bit (handy for moving out of smoke clouds like the one you make with I Am Not Here!). But it could make it a bit too flexible, so I guess its a matter of testing it out.

Oh... if only I could add some "free" movement ("pawn" talent style) as a part of the skill then certainly ssome skills would have it.
But your point makes sense and mirrors my personal observations. But instead of reducing AP cost I think of adding an ability with 2-3 turns CD, which will allow you to drop your stance and regain back 1 AP

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The stats bonusses are a bit high though, I think, given how restricting mid-combat save/loading is not that harsh of a penalty.

On the other hand I want to make this bonus appealing enough to use it. I want players to be tempted to go for it but still keep it within reasonable power level

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Especially Honor Mode: self might be a bit exploitable early on. Maybe let it scale too, but slower/less?

Oh yeah - this one is big (9 ability points in total) but only on a first glance. Thing is that Tier 1 BM abilities actually suck a big time, so not having this bonus can make a life very hard for early-game BMs.

If player would decide to go for BM for these bonuses only and use other game skills - he is welcome to try. I assume it won't be as satisfying as it sounds.

And one more thing... all skill that are scaled by abilities are actually scaled all the way up to 20 points (tier 7). You just don't see T6 and T7 until you reach T5.

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PS: Nice write-up of the Blade Master story. And introducing it as a sort of specialization instead of a separate class. Makes it feel unique/flexible. Reminds me a lot of the specializations like Reaver and Templar you could unlock in the Dragon Age: Origins DLC.


Here are some examples that show that T6 and T7 skills usually get some pretty strong extra features
[Linked Image]