Hello, i've been trying some crazy things on the editor for a while now and i found some things that i'm not quite sure how to implement :

- Render target : I've messed around it a while, i thought it might be linked to how the game generates the character portraits and wanted to try using it for generating "paintings" and "fake" windows etc... But i cannot find a way to link the camera and the texture.

- Despawning or deleting items : I've been trying to optimize the mod as much as possible but i can't find a way to delete created objects from a level.

- Disabling Combat initiation : I needed to diable the combat initiation in some parts of the mod, at least the part where the character pulls out its weapon and the turn display pops up.

- Replicating the sitting animations tied to an object : I wanted to replicate the boat scene in the tutorial, and i've figured that the boat has some nodes for the dummies to attach to on it's rig, but couldn't find the way it was done on behavior script.

- Importing a textured mesh : All the custom meshes that i was able to add, didn't import the material nor the texture/normals and since the material editor is not working for now, i would like to know if there is a workaround.

- Creating custom AI hints : I tried to create a new AI hint template that i need to create via story, and it gives me an error and creates a new point trigger instead with no name.

I hope someone has some answer for these areas, i've found almost no documentation about them.
Thanks in avdvance.

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