Kind of disappointed about Rhodes ---- (could have been an interesting reconciliation)

I know it would have killed balancing but I so wanted to burn out ground troops while a dragon. devil

The dragon flights were great fun.

Wish I could use dragon form to scout rather then drop in on a whole nest of enemies. rpg006

EDIT: Probably not meant this way (or, was it? smile ) but this could be taken in a different, humor endowed way:
Belegar upon defeating you: know one beats master trumps apprentice (master Trump's apprentice - I wonder when "you're fired!" comes up and what Belegar does?)

Thanks Larian. thankyou

EDIT: Curse those black market types! My warrior bought the sword of Abraxos for 51,000 G+ and it just disappeared! How dare they rip me off (so I killed them all)! rpg002

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