Hey Kevin,

thanks again for your effort and fast answer. Highly appreciated. The reason i answer so late, is because I was realy busy with RL stuff and wanted to further investigate how technical issues are on my side before bothering you again.
Sorry for finally have to bother you again but there are still things not working where I suspect it couldnt be my fault but rather another oversight on your end ;-) Let's see if you can help me again:

The positioning of the FX_Dummies behave weird as seen in my original post.

When i use the provided "Weapon_REF.ma" file and just delete all but one weapona and export it (as updated instructions at the wiki tell now to avoid path namings) as seen here...
[Linked Image]

... the imported asset does attach an effect wrong and not at all there the FX_Dummy position should be(as I experienced before with my torch tryouts)
[Linked Image]

...although if i copy the REF_SWORD_1H asset (which should be technically the same as exported from "Weapon_REF.ma) via Resource Manager and attach an effect it just behaves as it should
[Linked Image]

Any help? Anything messed up with the Weapon_REF.ma itself? With my export / import workflow? sad

Before i solve that issue i rather put my weapon mod on hold to avoid redoing messed up stuff I guess.

cheers morez horsey

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