Embrace the power that dates back to the discovery of the source and join an ancient martial arts order in this new specialization-class mod!

Be a fierce damage dealer, indomitable tank or a master of statuses spreading the misery amongst your enemies, while empowering your team!
Befriend your trusted greatsword and mock your enemies together just for the fun of it!
Try a new (optional) ingame mode - "oath of honor", trading your ability to load game during fights for extra team-wide bonuses!
See as your character develops with a new system of tiered skills that scale up to 20 points in all class-defining abilities!
All of this and much more in this new Blade Master mod!

Mod Features
* New specialization-class
* 39 active, 1 class-enabling and 1 utility skill
* Stance-rotation based combat
* Class-specific attributes and abilities bonuses and restrictions
* New mechanics: skills tiering
* New mechanics: spirit shield
* New mechanics: share weakness
* New sub game mode: oath of honor
* Party banter
* Class-specific visual effects

Available at Steam:
Steam workshop mod page

And Nexus:
Nexus mod page

Reddit Mod topic:
Reddit mod page

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