I guess I should type these as I go - such small things tend to be forgotten and are, really, unimportant but (and many will be from ED) ----

1. Did anyone notice that when you get the bandit camp porter to leave for a good drunk with Rimmer's Rum, the two bandits who want to leave don't give you their weapons? I could've taken a cheap ax but I think that was random.

2. In the village, the answer to the merchant/Keane controversy should be simple - shoot a rabbit and give it to the merchant - after all, it's not really clear who the aggrieved party is.

3. OK, when exactly does Talana die and the other voice take over. After all, the owner of the other voice couldn't have made my character a dragon knight.

EDIT: 4. Darn nobles! Promised to buy me drinks at the Black Boar but did they? Noooo! smile

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