Im making a suggestion of a new playable race that could be implemented in a future patch or dlc.

The avian race can be either winged(allowing them to fly) or non-winged.

Below are the suggestions of an avian race, both for winged design and non-winged design.


[insert name here]: gives you +1 telekinesis
[insert name here]: gives you +10% movement speed and +5% accuracy
Fly By: fly to destination(does not share cooldown with Flight from Polymorph)
[optional] Lift Off: you will ignore ground effects(ex:oil,fire,blessed water) but you will still be vulnerable to ground attacks like Battle Stomp from Warfare, this effect lasts until cancelled by the skil Landing.
[optional] Landing: cancels the effect of lift off allowing you to be affected by ground effects again.

[insert name here]: gives you +1 thievery
[insert name here]: gives you +5% damage
Kick: deals damage and set knocked down(resisted by armor).