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I'll have to listen closer next time - I was thinking the crawling Talana had a deeper voice then the in-the-head voice. Probably my imagination, though.

EDIT: 5. Just wondering - if you free the spirits in Maxos' temple by destroying the sole stone, do you have to also fight Lovis in the Hall of Echos?

EDIT: 6. This one is for Vometia (since you are a native speaker and I believe you use this voice): what the heck is the "country girl" voice saying when she has reached 100/100 in carrying capacity and something else is being attempted to be picked up? I can make out "My backpack" but the rest I'm not able to understand.

Dunno and can't remember respectively. biggrin

My games PC is sleeping at the moment but I'll try it out tomorrow. I don't recall her saying anything I couldn't understand so hopefully this won't be the one exception!

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