3) continued: I purposely haven't said what I thought to not influence potential replies and because I haven't really decided. What I note is that Talana say's "let me show you" prior to the in-dragon experience making me think it's still Talana up to that point. I first thought there was a voice difference during that experience though - The voice seems more polished then my perception of Talana's - so I was thinking perhaps the voice took over at that point. With Talana in great pain and dying I'm sure the voice actress was playing that angle and that may be all my perceived difference was.

5) continued: In the one where my transfer to FV froze, I tried destroying the soul stone although I'm not sure if I told Lovis (but he was a no-show). I once tried not giving it to him and he attacked me (but I reverted to a prior save) - that is what made me think he might be there in the first place.

Raze said: "I took the skill point, since after level 15 I stopped distributing stat points (at first because I didn't have an obvious need to boost a particular stat, so was holding them in reserve, and then later to keep things interesting [was already playing on nightmare])."

- now that's really disturbing. I play on what is usually called "normal" and have difficulty issues. Well, I never said I was a particularly skillful game player. smile

Vometia said: "I'm still going to go with Talana's dying spirit intermingled with Thingy's, starting off as one of them and gradually becoming the other as one died and the other's influence became more dominant. Either that or my other theory that it was always Talana all along, though that admittedly doesn't properly or convincingly address the dragon memories and morphing thing. But either way, I still think that Talana was effectively possessed by her right from the outset."

Somewhere it was said that Talana was a lord on par with Oribis and Lovis so I would assume her mind was too developed for a penetration but, then again, Talana was dying so, who knows? Not being in the business I don't know but I assume not a lot of attention is paid to this sort of interpretation detail and that may ne for the better since it allows game players to use their imagination. I would not have thought about the dual mind possibility with Talana - it's intriguing.