@caninelegion: Perhaps we are not talking about the same thing? I don't have all the English skill names present, since I play the game in German, but I've watched a couple of English Let's Plays.

I was referring to the Warrior skill where you automatically quickly approach your enemy to hit him with a melee weapon. If I do that and have my bow selected, my character switches to the two-handed sword or two single-handed weapons (whatever is on the first of the three weapon fields), and continues to fight with those. I do not lose my bow, I can simply reselect it by pressing F2 (since I always have my bow on the second weapon field).

9. Perhaps, but the Raze battle is BS - no enjoyment.

I'd say that's true for most of the difficult encounters in DKS smile . I also don't get particular enjoyment from having to face the Killer Bunny, or Amdusias (since he has explosive arrows), or having to seal the portals in Aleroth, or facing Sassan in the Hall of Echoes (since she can one-hit you if you're playing on Nightmare), or the final fight of Ego Draconis. But that just means it feels even better when it finally works out!

With Raze, I think I remember that it works quite well if you stun him with a stunning arrow, so that he can't run into one of his healing machines once his health gets low; and then you have to pummel him down before he recovers from being stunned. Some enemies are immune to being stunned though, I'm not sure anymore whether that applies to him.