Hmm, so kinda like with Adramahlikh and demons, perhaps there are other beings like him who are more or less benevolent or creators in some way?

As an alternative idea, maybe there is a forgotten/nomadic sect of Lizards who had turned from Zorl and toward Amadia? Maybe they migrate between high mountain peaks and/or floating islands, so sighting them has historically been rare?

But perhaps Divinity has lured them down from their lofty perches (hello narrative fodder)?

Coming up with some ideas here might help shape whatever starting perks/affinities/etc we’d like to see. I agree having a skill that’s a combo of Tactical Retreat and Spread Wings would be awesome though

Another complication is adding another face to the shapeshifter mask for our undead bird people...we *can* also have undead bird people, right? Right?