There is alot of ways to include them in the lore, the outsiders i was thinking about wasnt based on demons(but your idea works too, i hope i understood it correctly) i thought of a world based on another culture, rivellon is mostly based on medieval europe maybe they came from a world based on asian culture, feudal japan could look good(samurai avians),your examples seems good too.

Hm, lizards that evolved into avians seems good too, i personally would prefer that they werent related though but i still liked your idea, yes maybe they traveled in lands where the other races didnt usually go and the events of the game attracted some of them to where the game takes place, if an extra campaign is included there could have a good amount of avians.

Maybe amadia could choose an avian since she could see their potential, again they could have a special god for them outside of the seven.
Thinking about it, instead of having a god they could be guided by ancestral spirits, your character's "god" could actually be a spirit of an ancestor(either a single powerful ancestor or a group of ancestors).

Well about the mask, that wouldnt be a problem since the mechanics for the item is still the same(fane's mask could have an avian transformation included, mostly for gameplay purposes), undead avians are a very plausible idea too.

Additional suggestions are welcome, we need to give alot of different options on how to make this race.

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