It surprises me that I only had 10 hours out of the original D-OS and now D-OS 2 is on the market... So I decided to pick up D-OS again and have a complete playthrough. I have been in search for a savegame editor (SE) for several days and ended up doing it manually using LSTools. Just three days ago, I thought that I could make a save editor myself, so I went ahead.

I haven't done much for it for a. me being busy and b. me being a seriously casual programmer. I hope I'm not embarrassing myself because of my lousy programming skill.
Nevertheless, I have released an alpha-preview version on Github if you care to try it.
alpha preview

This is a save game editor, and it will only work for Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition (steam, latest). Do not use it for savegames from other game versions.

The current state of the application has limited functionality. You can:

1. back up of your saves.
2. edit experience, reputation and hp (such as str, dex, int, etc.).
3. edit existing inventory items.
4. edit attributes, abilities, talent and traits.

Note: weapon damage or armor defence values cannot be changed and are related to the item's level.

How to Use:
1. Start the application, the save game path should be automatically determined. If not, locate the Savegames_path folder:
Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition\PlayerProfiles\[i]profile name[/i]\Savegames_patch

2. Select a savegame from the list.
3. Back up the savegame if you want to be safe.
4. Click the load button (you may also double click the savegame from the list).
5. In the pop-up window, change anything you want.
6. For inventory items, you need to click "Apply changes" before selecting another item.
7. Once you finish editing the current character, click "Apply" to save your changes before switching to another character; the button is next to the character selection box.
8. After you finish all your editing, click "Save".

Known issues:
1. Only shows henchmen's names as Henchman (I don't know how to fix this at all).
2. Does not check for overflow (do not use large numbers!).
3. Memory hungry (Could use up to ~1GB). Restart the application if you see it eating up all your memory. A solution is possible but it would require a base-level change in the code, for which I do not have time. Apologies.

Future release:
1. Add support for adding items to inventory.
2. Add support for editing Skills.

Norbyte(LSTools), FlukiestEmperor, Greavox

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