Anyone know if (or how to tell if) the platforms are at full strength in FoV? This is when one creates a character in FoV, not starting in ED.

Well, I am about to go into the escort battle with the character Raze saved out of the ashes of my not being able to transfer from ED to FoV. I was wrong in some other posts - read that one doesn't have (nor really need) dragon armor but, I finally paid attention and it is all there. I freed Berhlyn (sp) this time just to see what happens. Never expected Willy ---- . Anyway, this'll be my last playthrough although I may still try to finish the two remaining escort battles that I have saved. The final boss fight I found quite difficult - it'll be interesting to see if I become frustrated with both her and our Mr B there. If that rhyming mage really cared, he'd be there helping me. horsey

I have to wonder why those silly champions don't hold back until I cleared the path, though.

I also wonder, why was Bellegar imprisoned? He was apparently part of the winning side but yet, he had to be freed (was it OS 1?).

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