The purpose of this thread is to collect feature requests for Larian to include into the modding tools. I spoke with someone from Larian and he said that whilst no promises can be made, suggestions and feedback will certainly be read & considered. So I feel it's worth creating a thread like this, asking you modders what small inclusions could be made that would have a dramatic impact.

I'd like the format to be as easy as possible for the devs to read so please consider the following:

Only 1 suggestion per reply
Please use this template when creating a feedback reply:

Feature request:
Screenshots: leave empty if not applicable

I have put a few examples below.

This thread is not
A discussion of whether they'll do anything.
A discussion on whether a feature is a good or bad idea
A discussion of whether a feature is viable

If I could ask that moderators of this forum help me keep this thread clean of 'clutter' I'd appreciate it

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