Feature request:
Allow us to create "TemplateOverride" for any skill

Description & Reqest:
Using the skill Summon_Incarnate as an example:

new entry "Summon_Incarnate"
type "SkillData"
data "SkillType" "Summon"
data "ForGameMaster" "Yes"
data "Ability" "Summoning"
data "Tier" "Starter"
data "ActionPoints" "2"
data "Cooldown" "6"

data "Template" "118d7359-b7d5-41ea-8c55-86ce27afceba"
data "TemplateAdvanced" "13f9314d-e744-4dc5-acf2-c6bf77a04892"
data "TemplateOverride" "13f9314d-e744-4dc5-acf2-c6bf77a04892"

I'd like a feature within the editor that can add conditions / requirements like this to other skills.

For example:
Let's say I want to make a mod that improves the skill Battle Stomp. I want to add the following logic:
If the player has 40 Strength, change the skill to a radial ability
If the player has 20 Intelligence, change the resistance type (of the knockdown) to Magical Armour
If the main damage type of this weapon is Fire, create a field of fire on target location

Additionally it would be nice if there was some way to identify a skill that has a modifier. Maybe adding a data field like:

data "IconOverride" "13f9314d-e744-4dc5-acf2-c6bf77a04892"

So that if a skill is being overridden then the icon will change too?

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