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Other than the EE save editor, you can use CheatEngine (as mentioned above) to add/change skill and talent points, etc.

For the install you would either need to uncheck some extra 'offers', or install it while offline. There is also a no-install rar file on the downloads page. If you don't already have an archive manager that can handle rar files, try the freeware 7-Zip.

Here is a CheatEngine table I downloaded from this topic (broken link) when it was still available. It wasn't updated for the latest version of the game, but works for what I've tried with it (adjusting abilities and talents), in CheatEngine version 6.6 (haven't updated to 6.7 yet).

Start the game and load a save, open the table (I just extracted it into the CheatEngine install folder), click the 'Select a process to open' button at the top left (highlighted with a flashing box cycling between red and green), select EoCApp.exe (preceded by a hex number, ie 00001FD0-EoCApp.exe) and click the Open button and then Yes. In the bottom list, select Hero Pointers, then go through Hero 1 to 4 to identify the right character. There is an 'Upgrade Points' section where you can add attribute, ability and talent points, and sections for each of those where you can remove/adjust values. Double click the value to change, and when you are done, switch back to the game to save/load (some things take effect immediately, character changes require a save/load to get them to show up in-game).

If you can not select the boxes at the bottom in CheatEngine, exit the program and the game and start over. That happened to me a couple times. There may be an easier fix, but I haven't used CheatEngine enough to bother trying anything else.

hi and ty, but i cant, i did all you said but when i click upgrade points > base adress and then any of them (attribute, ability, talents) windows make a sound and dont let me mark/click them and i cant change the value
and the value is set ?? and if i tru to change it is set in red and when i accept is back to ??

sorry for my english