This sounds great! smile I really would like a system like that (status strength boost of x% for every z% of enemy armor missing). Would make the turns a bit more tactical than they already would be with your mod, too. Especially with long cooldown AOE CC spells - you should never use them if you don't have other spells to follow them up, but they can be devastating for that specific turn if you have enough to combo them. (At least if the 70% of armor regenerates per turn idea from you makes it into the game - maybe decrease the armor regeneration a large notch thoughm, 25% or sth. - and increase the armor a good amount if that system makes it in? Right at the start of a battle would be the best mental and physical stability of a fight realisticly, too. So a 70% regeneration of armor would seem a bit overkill as it basically would give an almost fresh start each turn when it comes to CC reduction. I guess that needs a lot of playtesting though to see what feels right)

1. If there is no good ETA possible, can you give a range of time you want it to be done in? Can we expect it to hit mid/late 2018 or will it be more of a 2019/2020 release?

2. And another question: Will it be compatible with other mods or will everything be changed too much? I really like that you go for the just 10% increase of stats per level because I already use a mod which makes uses that system to allow a legendary weapon to actually be better than a rare one of 1-2 levels higher. Right now even a white weapon can outDPS a legendary one a level later. laugh I want very rare weapons to be useful at least 3 levels if they stay as rare as they are right now. wink Same goes for money scaling with level which is insane in vanilla. But there are other mods which don't seem to be implemented in your mod already like "MonsterScaling" which levels up monsters to your level if you outlevel them while keeping all higher level enemies at their respective level. It doesn't increase the EXP gain but everything else. (I think the engine automatically gives bonus stats based on level and that's why it works so good without much scripting work done, so I wonder if your mod will be able to do the same with all the new stats you created) Especially with your focus on lategame not being a boring stomp every time - every enemy being leveled to your level if you manage to outlevel them if you do 100% of everything possible would help to further push that "lategame should still be hard" design. This way the casual player can enjoy your mod with just doing the main objectives and a few sidemissions they stumble upon but completionists will still have a challenge in lategame. Difficulty adapting to the player is always a welcome thing in games. laugh And EnemyScaling would do exactly that.

My wife and me won't touch the game anymore until your mod is out. The patchwork mess we created works rather good (enemyscaling, the mentioned armor% mod and a couple of dozen mods ontop of that) but some things just don't work out perfectly due to the number of different mods needed. Your mod already includes half of the changes we wanted to achieve with our frankensteins monster version of the game and hence would highly reduce the number of mods needed to create exactly the experience we want from the game. smile I'm glad Larian gave us a lot of freedom when it comes to modding and that people like you exist which use the tools given to us to allow players to have a game exactly the way we want it to be. It's already an amazing game, but with the work of modders like you it becomes the almost perfect example of how this genre can be! (high freedom real time co op rpg with deep turn based combat with many options and possible combos - right now all of that works great except for the "deep" and the "many options and combos" parts which even lack behind the first game which was amazing in early game but was missing out on a lot of potential due to the 100% CC mess it became in lategame)

3. And one last question for this already very long post: Your resistance (not armor) system seems to be similar to D:OS 1. Will armor have different % based damage reduction for elements AND physical damage? And will physical damage be split into three categories again like it used to be? I really hate that a lot of the depth of that was lost. My ranger had no chance to kill a skeleton with normal arrows as pierce damage would do almost no harm to them. It made sense because skeletons are hard to hit with a piercing weapon as they are just bones and hence a blunt weapon would be much more effective. It added to the charm of the game that different enemies would be resistant or even weak to specific type of weapons. Right now there are still some enemies with high resistances to fire or other elements so you would need to use different schools of magic against them but when it comes to physical damage it just doesn't matter what kind of weapon you use. Just swing your weapon until something is dead. Switching a weapon before a fight or even midfight is just a waste of time right now which makes me sad. I really like the changes in your documentation on weapons (some pierce more against the real HP, others have grit throws, the damage and crit chances are balanced with lower chance to hit, etc.) but there doesn't seem to be any resistances against specific weapon types planned. Would love to hear your explanation on resistances for your mod ESPECIALLY when it comes to physical damage and if you plan on any resistances for weapon types or at least a flat/% physical damage resistance. (hitting a large pile of rocks with a weapon should for example not be effective and spells should be the way to go there - no matter if it is the start or end of a fight)

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