Asking the real questions here. smile
There's a lot of issues I have with how the armor system worked in DOS2.
Main ones being:
It was binary. I don't really have much to say, but this is why the new status system is rather granular.
It linked damage to your ability to crowd control.
That second point is important when fighting enemies of a higher level as that is what makes the level gaps that much more apparent. It was also why damage was way more important than.. Pretty much anything.
This is why the system is far more decoupled from armor than previously.
The moment you did enough damage, the enemy was easily crowd controllable for essentially the rest of the fight. This was the original reason for armor regenerating every turn.

Currently, however, armor is largely used as a way of mitigating damage rather than statuses.
With the scaling being reduced heavily I don't think relinking damage and armor under my system is a bad idea, as long as it's done lightly and keeps players thinking in the abstract, with full armor still only reducing the strength of statuses by say, 50%.
Main issue I would be concerned with about that is clarity. When a status is applied I'll probably set it up so it tells the player exactly what happened, such as -
Burning of strength 2 applied to Enemy. (6 strength - 2 grit, 50% reduced by armor)
But with weird numbers such as, enemy has 30% armor left (or worse yet, 139/417 armor left) something like that can be hard to calculate or think about on the fly.
That's something I really hated about damage linked with statuses. When the numbers got into the thousands and you had resistances to deal with, it was a bit of a nightmare to calculate how much damage needed to be actually done to strip someones armor and knock them down. Checking tooltips for how much damage it's doing now, factoring in their armor, etc. That's something I want to avoid with my mod - I want it to remain incredibly tactical, but I don't want it to get bogged down by numbers.

That ramble aside I do actually like the idea and there's a good chance it'll make it into the mod, or at the very least experimented with. I never liked my current linking of armor to statuses and have thought about removing it, but I like this much better. It will definitely make things harder to make feel right but I think I can do it.

As far as an ETA goes, uh.. Yes. Won't say what you can expect, but I guess you can hope for a mid/late 2018 release. I certainly hope I don't take the next 7 months to get a beta going. Oh boy. What have I gotten myself into.

Mod compatibility.. It will really depend on the mod. Chances are there will have to be a lot of compatibility patches made. Monster scaling relies on scripting and doesn't directly modify the stats of things, so it'd probably be compatible. It would probably only affect damage and health though.
In any case it is something I'll probably end up adding to my mod, just haven't added it to my document.
Anyways, most mods would probably not work with mine. If shown a mod I could probably tell you whether it'd work or not but even simple stuff like free bless would be rendered obsolete, faster run speed will probably be something my mod does, free pet pal will.. Well, pet pal is a druid thing now.

I know where the patchwork of mods comes from, I've been there. That was kinda the origin of this mod. So many issues with the game that I tried to fix with other people's mods until I realized the issues with the game ran deep - It'd basically require an overhaul of base game systems to get it to the point I wanted, and a collection of mods just simply can't do as the authors just can't be coordinated enough.

Piercing/Blunt/Slashing damage is something I definitely miss from DOS1. On paper combining them all into one makes some sense but in practice it's kinda a mess. It definitely removes a lot of potential depth from the game that I would have loved to have added. Unfortunately, however, adding new damage types is impossible without a hefty amount of scripting and even then, you can't deal damage to armor via scripting.
So no, new damage types are not being added.
As you probably know, Earth is being repurposed into Physical so it can deal damage to Magic armor, Physical armor is being removed, and current Physical armor is being repurposed into Light damage as a form of Piercing with a bonus to undead/decaying.
Physical (Earth) resistance is making a return however and it'll basically work like any other resistance, just be a lot rarer as an enchantment and your main source of it will be from likely the armor you wear. Enemies will also have it as makes sense by their enemy type. Bone golems or alike will probably be pretty physically resistant, for example.
With the combination of Physical into Magic armor, that also means having an enchanted weapon is actually a very good thing to have like it was in DOS1. I intend to make enchantments pretty powerful (25-50% of the weapon's total damage being made up of an elemental type, plus runes) so the element on the weapon is pretty much as important as the physical damage on it. I didn't like Physical being the be-all-end-all either.