Yes I noticed. Unless they overhaul their scripting language or how character/status/potion/etc data is stored then the vast majority of my work will carry over on a technical standpoint, which is doubtful.
Biggest concern is any design changes they make - Should be interesting at the very least.
It's possible but I doubt the current systems in place are going to receive changes big enough for me to not make my mod. If they make combat not round robin, great. If they reduce the scaling, great. But I don't feel like Dex/Int/Fin are going anywhere and I doubt the armor system will change greatly. Maybe I'm wrong. We'll see.

Biggest hope is that the game will receive updates to moddability, for things such as new damage types or.. Well, any of the countless things we don't have control over but probably should.
Even something simple such as getting who applied a status when it's applied is a painful ordeal. I have a workaround but I know other people do things such as: Check who's turn it is, check when someone's casting abilities, check when they attack, check everything to try to hopefully get who (probably) applied the status.

In any case I'ma keep working on stuff that I believe should translate, or if it doesn't I should still be able to run a script over the files to convert them for differences.