Cheers! It's tough now, as I am working fulltime as well, but I'm looking into ways to speed up the next few episodes. After all, the majority of reasons episode 1 has taken so long is learning everything I need to know how to do things, pre-planning the storylines, etc. I have a dozen pictures I really, really want to share but since it's from basically the finale of episode 1, I'll keep my cards close. In other words, no tease for you hehe.

I've been looking into little tricks to balance certain gameplay points. One of the main combat tests I'd like to keep focus on once testing starts publically is lone wolf and/or the OP builds you can have. I've tried a level 17 2-man lone wolf team against a hostile group of 4, and it was no where as cakewalk as before. Not perfect by any means, but better. Hence testing and feedback wanted smile

I am looking for a female voice talent (one that has an interest in voiceacting if not only for fun, anyway) to lend her voice to the project. The only real requirement I have is that you have access to relatively decent recording gear, I can do some quality touch-ups in post, but a good starting point is, well... Good! A side-note to this is that, unfortunately you will have to get some spoilers, as I need to bring you in on the story so that you can get a feeling of the character and what she's like. And you'll need to be able to keep a secret ;]

I'm also wondering if there's interest in me streaming some of the work on the next episodes? It could be a means for both hanging out, getting feedback, answering questions from you guys if there may be any. I feel mapping and storyscript writing are my main strongpoints at this point, so I could share whatever I have learned (or discover in the future) there, and share prefabs I make along the way, too.

Anyway, let me know. It's something I've been curious about getting back into.
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It's getting there.

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