I was playing multiplayer with 2 friends. So we have 3 player controlled characters and Lohse as a companion. We played this way perfectly fine through the game until we got to the academy on the nameless isle. When we got to the academy and tried to enter the door she leaves the party to allow for some quest dialogue with her as normal. However, when we talk to her again and ask her to rejoin the party she tells us our party is full and that we should come back later when we have room. I know this isn't a quest related event because we tried just asking her to leave the party normally before we even touched the door to see if that was supposed to happen. When we tried to have her rejoin after doing this she still said the party is full again. This leads me to believe this is some kind of bug in the game. Has anyone encountered this before or does anyone know how to fix this? This kinda sucks cause we wanted to do her story line quest and obviously if she wont rejoin us then there is no way to continue it. We tried just doing the whole academy without her and moving on to the next act but she isn't anywhere to be found where you spawn on the next act. So we need to find a way to get her to rejoin the party or i guess just say oh well and continue without her. If any one has any advice I really appreciate it. Also as a side not no one has lone wolf in our party so we should be allowed to have this fourth member still.