Feature request:
Source on FetchCharacterApplyStatusData

Currently, the event FetchCharacterApplyStatusData can provide us with the receiving end of a status and which status it's being tried to apply. I'd want to be able to have access to the source of said status without needing convoluted solutions.
The source can be either an Item, a Character or even a Skill. For example, using Petrifying Touch could return the Character who used it and Petrifying Touch as the skill that caused PETRIFIED. If you hit someone with a weapon and it applies burning, for example, it could return the Character who attacked and the Item that caused BURNING.
FetchCharacterApplyStatusData(CHARACTER:character, STATUS:status, [CHARACTER:source, ITEM:source, SKILL:source])
RETURN(LIST<STATUS>:removeStatuses, STATUS:applyStatus, INT:turns)