This mod will fix all the problems you have with combat and some more.

It will release after the enhanced edition is out as the creator wants to make it work with it, he could release a lot of it right now but waiting makes more sense and gives him time to make the mod fully working and test out the combat and search for bugs longer. Expect a late september release. smile

And I don't agree that tactition is a save scumming. At some points you might die a few times but most normal battles can be won first try if you prepare well enough. If you have a high lore level you already know a lot of effects and especially resistances before they happen. You have to use potions (just look how many there are and other items effectivly. If you don't use potions you should maybe stay away from tact mode. Ontop of that tactication mode forces you to work together with all four party members, in normal mode all four players can go their way and 2-3 of them group up for harder battles and only for bosses you use all 4 characters. In tactician mode you should have all characters together and be creative with your tactics and always bring a decent amount of items and special potions. I give it to you though that some of the bosses were hard to figure out, but dying in one turn just means you didn't invest into the right kind of armor and stats or just didn't use potions.