Hi BlueFeuer, first, I love what you are doing. Second, I stumbled across your Initiative Fix mod on steam and eventually found my way here. I made an account and everything purely to see if you could use a guinea pig to test anything on for this overhaul. I don't have much in the way of knowledge about Divinity's inner workings, but I certainly don't mind testing (and sub sequentially breaking) anything in my own game. I do that already in the vanilla game lol. That being said I've modded games before and I'm quick to pick up this sort of thing with the right amount of help when needed. If you're ok with anything I have just said, shoot me a message and I will hopefully reply in a timely manner. I do not mind breaking my own game for the sake of testing something that could make this broken husk of a combat system. Hope to possibly work with you. ^^