Feature request: Ignore crash dumps and log files when publishing a mod.

Description: Currently, when the editor crashes, a crash dump is placed in what appears to be the last used folder. So you end up with crash dumps all over the place - in the effects bank folder, the gui folder, etc. If these folders are included in the published mod, the crash files get included, and bloat up the file size.

Additionally, log.txt, created when compiling the story, is included in the published mod, and is usually pretty large, depending on the size of story scripts used in the mod (even moreso if Origins is a dependency). This file is usually 20+ MB in size, and is unneeded in the released mod.

Depending on the mod, all of these files may add up to a pak that's easily 4x-5x the file size of what it should be.

Would it be possible to simply ignore these files when publishing a mod? Thanks.