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Good guide!
Something did catch my eye: I notice you use text-only examples rather than refer to how the data is presented in the Glasses stats editor. Is that how you usually edit them, through a text editor?

Yes. I used to use the stats editor for the first few months, but it turned out to be way faster/more efficient to do it purely in Notepad++, since I could have Shared/Origins on the right for faster copying, and control the final result a bit more (I had some issues with getting stat subtables and inherited skills to generate correctly).

I tend to have StatObjectDefinitions.sod and Enumerations.xml open in another tab, for reference to what the property and enum values are, to fill in that gap for what I'm missing by not using the stats editor.

Additionally, it's usually easier to share examples via the generate stats, since you have a vertical advantage that way.

With that said, I'm all for the stats being redone in the stats editor style, if that'll be more appropriate. smile That slipped my mind when writing the guide, haha.