Hello everyone!

As we are closing in on the Definitive Edition release, I want to detail some of steps we are taking to ensure a good transition for modding from Vanilla to Definitive Edition.

Some clarification as to how definitive mods mods will work

  • Steam: Definitive Edition mods will be available under the same workshop, but get a separate tag to be able to be filtered.
  • Other platforms: Direct downloads as usual.

    The game will distinguish between Vanilla mods and Definitive Edition mods. So be sure to download the correct version of a mod, according to the game version you want to play in.

    Just like the game, the Divinity Engine 2 will get a Definitive Edition as well, used to make and publish mods for the new version of the game.

    Compatibility in general

    We tested several popular mods of all types ourselves.
    These are the following types of compatibility issues:
    • Scripting (story and behaviour): Your mod scripting needs to be updated to make it work again in game.
    • Stats: No immediate issues, but A Lot has been tweaked. So if your mod is stat-heavy, you'll probably want to revisit your tweaks.
    • Level changes: Similar to stats. We added/changed areas and dialogues. Your mod should work, but again you might want to revisit and tweak your changes accordingly.

  • E.g. class mods generally convert without any changes.

    Further actions we are taking

    First, we will be providing a Definitive Edition mod guide here, on Discord and on the wiki. This guide will detail changes from Vanilla to Definitive Edition that are mod-breaking (and how to fix them), as well as fixes/improvements/new features to the Definitive edition of the editor.

    Second, we will organize a small beta access program. We sent out invites to several modders. Those who accept will get a couple of weeks of early access to convert their mods and communicate with us about the process. This will help us identify the biggest problems and tweak the conversion process where possible. Since this is an early access program we are only able to send these invites to a handful of people. Not getting an invite is in no way representative of the quality of your mods! We are just limited in the amount of invites. You are still very welcome to ask us any questions or give suggestions here or on any of the other recognized platforms for discussion.

    Furthermore, next to a Definitive Edition tag on the Steam Workshop, we'll also be enabling category tags such as "Stats"/"Skills"/"Classes"/... for better filtering. We'll also be disabling any further publishes of The Hungry Journey GM campaign in the Definitive Edition, to limit workshop clutter.

    Stay tuned for more information as we close in on release!

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