so Ive been messing with the engine, learning the basics of creating levels and such.
created quite a few new skills using existing abilities.
But while the basics of story scripting are very much covered in YT vid tuts, scripting abilities/skills/new status types/talents is completely in the dark.

there are no tuts on how to create a custom ability/skill that uses custom scripting anywhere.

also there is just about 250 scripts total in the scripts editor, some of which are empty like shared->statuses just saids "events" at top with no actual code in it.
am I not set up properly?
I thought a game like this would be very heavy on scripts, is there just many scripts we dont even get to see for whatever reason?

which now leads me to the main reason I reg'ed to the forum...

Ive coded c++ for about 9 years, and have a generally good ability to break down and understand coding languages but this engines code has me completely stumped.
How does an object ingame know that a script for it exist other than assigning it in the root.
If I wanted to add a stat->projectile with a custom status "choked"(example) do I go about connecting that ability and/or status to the code I write for handling it in the script editor.

I'll ask a more complex one next if that was simple, lets say I want the ability to spawn 3 ai controlled dogs If the target with choked dies within the debuff timer.
how do you link the scripts needed to handle that back to the ability/status its created for?

do all scripts simply just run at all times?(i would think that would be a nightmare for performance)

how are functions created and called?

which i assume is what creates the "whatever" function
just throws errors saying "CALLFUNCTION" is unidentified.

Maybe I'm over thinking this, would be great if the studio made a long series for this topic like they did with the apples quest they created.

anyways thanks inadvance.