As I like to say to new people: Prior coding experience often seems to be a negative thing almost, as (like you said) are probably overthinking it. There is a useful wiki, though.

Osiris Overview

There are typically two different "scripting languages" in DOS. Osiris (Story Editor) and behavior/game scripts (script editor). They both have their own unique quirks, and some things can often be achieved in both.

I personally tend to lean more on Osiris and use behavior to handle idle npc actions / life. I don't do much skill-related work compared to others, so gamescripts have been of little concern for me thus far.

An extremely dumbed down TL;DR would be something like...

Osiris is at its simplest an "IF this THEN that" deal. You also have databases to store / get prior information, procs to proc into different chains of events, and queries to run checks if something is true/false or to produce something on the fly, and the calls (THEN) will only run if the query(ies) and eventual conditions (AND) passes.

Behaviour scripts are split into three (charscripts: attached to characters, itemscripts: attached to items, and gamescripts: overall listening to game events etc)

I'd recommend start with the wiki, and hang out with us on the discord channel.

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