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there are no tuts on how to create a custom ability/skill that uses custom scripting anywhere.

also there is just about 250 scripts total in the scripts editor, some of which are empty like shared->statuses just saids "events" at top with no actual code in it.
am I not set up properly?
I thought a game like this would be very heavy on scripts, is there just many scripts we dont even get to see for whatever reason?

The game doesn't use scripting to define how its abilities/skills work (with one exception - a gamescript governs how statuses interact).
Skills are defined in the stats editor, whereas things like talents, the effects of base attributes, etc. are defined mostly in code, with a few variables set in data.

A word of warning about trying to script your way around the combat engine: you can do that, and other here have, but because the AI doesn't parse scripts when trying to decide what to do, it will be unaware of any scripting you use to intercept normal combat flow, and will act as if it isn't there.