Dear modders and modding enthusiasts alike,

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The time has come! The coming of the Great Acorn is at hand! And with it, the Definitive Edition unveils itself upon us.

As with the game, the Divinity Engine 2 will also be getting a Definitive Edition. Sir Lora demanded you have the latest of the latest in Source technologies to help him brave the dangers of Rivellon!

Don't worry, however, as all changes are for the better! Furthermore, be assured that one of our main priorities is and will always be to ensure easy conversion for all of you genius content creators who already braved the classic Engine and shared your awesome creations with the rest of the world.

All mod relevant changes have been summarized on the Wiki, under the Definitve Edition page. There, you'll find a concise guidebook, giving you a short overview of all changes, as well as more detailed information on the page itself.

For the Engine changelist (fixes and features), keep an eye on our Patch Notes page, which will be updated when the Definitive Engine update goes live. (Be aware that this update will not be immediately on game release, but closely afterwards.)

Don't hesitate posting questions here or on Discord!

Thank you for your continued interest in our game and all the great things we were able to enjoy thanks to you, up until now.

And as always, happy modding!

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