The thing about dodging and accuracy is that they are 2 separate variables that are multiplied to give you the HIT chance. E.G.:

scenario 1
100% accuracy (attacking char)
90% dodging (defending char)
HIT chance is 100% x (100% - 90%) = 10% HIT chance

or 1 x (1-0.9) = 0.1 HIT chance


scenario 2
90% accuracy (attacking char)
0% dodging (defending char --> CC'd!)
HIT chance is 90% x (100% - 0%) = 90% HIT chance

or 0.9 x (1-0) = 0.9 HIT chance

There's your mystery.

*caveat: 1-dodging because that is the inability chance of the defending character. you calculate for a hit not a mix of hitting and missing.
Uhmmm, you calculate by multiplying apples with apples not apples with oranges.

Just the result of taking 2 variables, not 1. which is more realistic. the attacker (in scenario 2) didn't miss because he the guy wasn't frozen, but because he was a moron... 10% of the time.