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there's no confusion with saves, classic saves work on classic and definitive saves work on definitive

there is.
we've started our DE campaign on 31. and after a while auto and qucksaves reached limit and started overwriting my classic autosaves that were apparently in the same folder. so when I've returned to classic to finish my solo campaign I found that I've lost some of my progress because I had no idea it'll be overwritten.

rest of my post are also not nonsense. 35gb may not seem much for some people, but others may have limited space(for example my laptop has only 512gb ssd which I can't replace or expand easily)
and mods are QoL thing. (if you don't use them it doesn't mean others don't)

I don't think OP is forced to play DE, cuz he clearly said that he has both classic and de installed. so I think he knows that he can choose what version to launch.