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people on this forum truly do complain about the strangest things
What is strange about it?

A game that needs 20GB (the DE) requiring another 30 GB for an old version of the game you don't play?

I don't have a cap on internet (some people do though don't forget) but my download speeds are slow. I also only have a 120GB SSD and 30GB of pointless unused stuff is a lot.

How is that a strange complaint? Not everyone has huge amounts of dasd and uncapped fibre. It takes unwanted space and (if you were to reinstall not just upgrade) unwanted bandwidth and time.

It wouldn't (didn't) stop me playing it as you can delete the old "data" folder but it would be better all round if the games were separate like DOS and DOS EE were.

Not to mention the most important thing promised has not been done (inventory management on PC), no change log has been published (except leaked ones that have not been completed) and complete silence from Larian about any of the bugs reported (including whether deleting the old "Data" folder is valid to save space) make it a rather disappointing patch.

It isn't a bad patch, there are some nice changes, but they are undocumented and frankly minor. The disk use one though is a perfectly valid complaint for those of us not on top-notch (OK, in my case, crap) hardware.