Interesting you should mention the two turn limit. I've done a couple playthroughs of DOSEE with Epic Encounters and one of the things I manually disabled pretty quickly was the two turn limit on hard CC.

But making CC harder to apply to enemies; Sorry but that's not really going anywhere. If it's possible to disable all enemies in a fight that makes it impossible for meaningful risk management to occur when paired with the removal of RNG. It's one of the main reasons every fight plays out the same way in the base game and makes enemies all feel similar; the only difference between them is the amount of armor they have.

And as far as splitting the mod up into multiple parts; I don't think that's viable. Many of the changes are dependent on one another. The Status overhaul needs to be paired with the ability overhaul to function, the stats overhaul is dependent on the status overhaul. I could take time to make changes to separate these but that would involve maintaining multiple versions of the same mod.

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