Personally, I think people were spoilt by the additions made to Tactician mode in D:OS:EE as the team had more time and focus on rebalancing fights to get around standard strategies.

Sven explains it best here:

So they effectively rebalanced a lot of the bigger scenarios to make them more challenging and expanded on the skills of the standard enemies, and I don't feel that the team has had that time and resources to do that for D:OS2:EE so instead Tactician mode is just a hard mode with higher health values.

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Concrete suggestions on how to change it would be more helpful, because there is an incredible variety in player skill and experience. Some people struggle on explorer, others sleepwalk through Tactician.

What kinds of changes would you like to see to make the game more challenging?

A really simple change, which I believe was in the original Tactician mode was that basic enemies were more likely to use special grenades and specialist arrows than in Normal mode. Expanding on this you could also expand generic enemies skill pools, even one new skill each would be useful.

I'm sure if there isn't the time to recode the AI for the bosses, you could add elements to spice up certain fights, explosive/elemental barrels, a few elemental puddles here and there, hell... even a respawn mechanic for mobs of certain bosses.

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