Wait, is the point that you have to have both classic and Definitive installed together, or nothing at all? So you end up wasting hard drive space on a version you don't intend to play?

If that's the case, then yes it is an issue that should be fixed. Especially with more affordable SSDs having limited storage compared to old HDDs, 35BG is nothing to dismiss. Wasted space is wasted space. Especially with Steam's archaic updating process requiring free space equal the entire size of a game regardless of how small the update is.

For example, for Total War Warhammer 2, I once downloaded a 109mb update and had to clear up something like 80GB of free space just to patch it. Even though it only changed a few smaller files. Ridiculous.

Data bloating like this isn't good form, especially since it's not always along the lines of "just this one game" because the more developers that do this, the more the problem is compounded.

Or am I getting it wrong? I admit I started skimming because some of the posts looked to be taking a toxic tone.

The autosave/quicksave loss is obviously an issue that should be resolved as well.

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