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Games like GTA or WoW take so much space than D:OS is still "okay".

Actually, my DOS 2 folder is now larger than my WoW folder by about 3 gigs ... To me it seems pretty presumptuous to assume that larger downloads and/or requiring double the disk space wouldn't be significant problems for numerous players. For me personally it really raises fish or cut bait issues.

As someone who prefers to play magic users and dislikes "physical vs. magical armor" as a party-composition driver (on top of disliking the game's depiction of cruelty to animals and creation of a canon hero for Divine Divinity), I set it aside after playing through Fort Joy several times, but didn't delete it in order to leave the door open for changes in either my outlook or Larian's game. I now have to ask myself, do I really want to devote over 60 gigs to a game I'm unsure I'll play.