Thought I'd drop a mention here since it's been a while, and also to reassure everyone that development is still going.

All the work that remains for Act 1 is implementing main quests and Kara's storyline for it, although unfortunately there's currently a bug in the game engine and custom quests, but this is confirmed fixed for the next game patch laugh

Meanwhile, I've been working on some standalone mods that pay direct relevance to Chronicles of Divinity, as they'll have addon content to add some more depth to it.

Divine Scaling - A barebones port of Chronicles of Divinity's scaling system. Chronicles' adds some variations and more fundamental story-relevant additions and changes, but at its core it's pretty similar.

Black Cat+ - Someone wrote on the Steam forums about their issues with the black cat and Sir Lora, and as soon as they mentioned their wife being sad as she missed having the little kitty following them around, I was sold and went to work. Additionally, it's directly relevant for Chronicles, although in Act 2 mind you, as there'll be other pets to befriend and adventure with.

On a sideline, I'm also working on a Sir Lora mod which adds him as an origin character, so he himself can fight to become the next Divine. This isn't really Chronicles' related, but I had already gone through the process with Kara, so adding a new one wasn't too much of a job. Also, Odinblade is working on some unique little fun skills for his origin.