The two weakest part of divinity 2 for me were by far how the gameplay, progression and story just fell off a cliff after act 2. These parts feels so unpolished and weak in every aspect that they approach 'unenjoyable levels', because of the huge contrast in comparison to the earlier ones (which are very good).

My second big gripe is decisions regarding combat, ranging from a very poor armor implementation, talent/skill balance, and an out of this world awful stat scaling system (in terms of decision making). Skills are also very lacking in both ingenuity and action economy, damage and what not, which hampers it further. You could of course make the argument that skills are lacking because of the armor system, but they could easily have created seperate effects from cc's, depending on the armor state of the enemy to name one example.

Honorable mention; The game has a LOT of tedious elements tied to it, because of the constant need of equipment replacing and civil ability re-allocation. This is especially prevalent if you play a solo run with a full team.

inb4 "You could just not respecc". This is indeed true, but given the gold cost of the items in the game, it's obvious they've been balanced around this possiblity in mind, which is understandable because of how easy it is. Constant respeccing also has the side effect of removing character uniqueness, which is a very valid cricism as well.

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