I also try not to abuse the respec mirror, myself, and live with the shortcomings of my party. I did one party-wide respec after Act 1 (of course) and once or twice more as adjustment. Other than that, I only do "test" respec when I come up with some idea I want to experiment with right away.

I'd prefer that the "respec" thing is not such a predominant element throughout the game. I think the way they do it in The Witcher 3, for example, is fine. It's not completely free, and not so easily accessible. The important thing is that you don't feel that you're pushed into respeccing every few hours or so by the game.

A major general issue in DOS2, as I stated in another thread, is inconsistency. And you are right that it all comes down to decision making at the end of the day. In my case, there are countless times I have to ask myself, "Who decided to make it work this way?" or "Who thought this was a good idea?". There are just numerous questionable design decisions that make you think, "This. Just. Doesn't. Make. Sense."

Try this: if you have a character specializing in Warfare, have all the Warfare skills available, then cast Silence on him. See what skills remain available, and what becomes disabled.

My main was silenced, I had one AP left, I thought, "Ok I'll unequip my offhand wand and Sucker Punch this guy." Guess what, when I freed my offhand, Sucker Punch became greyed out and it greeted me with "Muted. Can't cast." What do you mean by "Can't cast"? Cast WHAT? You mean throwing your damn punch? Needless to say, I was in a tight situation, and that part totally screwed up the fight. Even if they actually intended for Sucker Punch to be a "spell", just like Shield Bounce, that decision is just...questionable.

I wish in the future Larian would take *closer* look at individual things involved in each mechanics they implement. More attention to details, finer adjustments in individual cases, and overall better decision making would help solve many problems in the game: inconsistency in how things work, irrelevant/underwhelming mechanics (including encumbrance, equipment durability, skills, talents, crafting), creature variety, overall fight variety, etc.

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