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Add more Talents, with a mind to focus a build around them

My thought as well. I'd like to see some Talents that revolve around a trap build. There are a lot of traps in the game you can disarm, although in my experience it's way easier to just blast them with a couple of Fireball's. Either that, or you just teleport past, or even just rush through traps. It makes trap disarming kits and trap disarming in general less relevant than they could be. By adding trap recovery, you get rewarded for spending resources on recovering traps. Recovering traps requires more investment in the associated skill, like how it works in Neverwinter Nights for example.

And also trap crafting.

As for specific ideas for Talents, I'm thinking increasing trap damage and number of traps you can have active at the same time, and/or AP cost to set, and/or adding status effects to traps. I mean, it's not hard to come up with a handful.

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